In the Aftermath of Fire, DryTech is There

Experiencing a fire in your home or business can be devastating, destroying both valuable property and peace of mind. Let us lighten the burden. First, the DryTech team will respond to help secure your property. From there, the immediate restoration efforts will be coordinated with you, the customer. Remember, this is a process, not a project.

Fire damage extends beyond charred walls. Smoke, soot and water damage can cause further, more extensive damage if not assessed and repaired quickly by a restoration professional. DryTech has the experienced, licensed team of full-service technicians to restore your home and rekindle your joy coming home. We also feature state-of-the-art equipment for testing the extent of damage, drying and controlling moisture. From clean up to final finish, we have you covered.



“All of the employees at DryTech were incredibly helpful, accommodating and professional! They went out of their way to help.”
- Residential Homeowner

Tips for Reducing Fire Hazards & Damage

Safety for Returning Home After a Fire

Everyone knows fire is dangerous. But returning to your home after a fire brings its own risks. The fire department clears entry back into the home based on immediate safety concerns. Unfortunately, they leave behind a huge mess and many more dangers lurking just below the surface that must be addressed.

Follow these steps to ensure your safety returning home after a fire:

  1. Contact a certified fire damage restoration company. DryTech representatives are available 24 hours per day. Call 651-429-8444. A certified professional knows all of the dangers after a fire, and how to fix them. Plus, DryTech can walk you through the complicated insurance claims process with your insurance agent.
    The restoration company will help you and your home recover from fire damage and the subsequent water damage.
  2. Protect yourself. Wear goggles, gloves, boots and a facemask when entering your home after a fire. Dangers are lingering everywhere. Soot is potentially very dangerous and can cause severe respiratory issues. Mold spores may also be present. Even smoke residue can be dangerous. Protect children and pets by keeping them away. Remove any remaining pets from the home and clean their habitats as soon as possible.
  3. Make a list. It’s time to determine the extent of the damage. The insurance company will need an inventory of damaged items to put your claim through in a timely fashion. Include receipts if possible. And save receipts from hotels, meals, replacement clothing, etc. resulting from the fire.
  4. Ventilate the area. Open all doors and windows to ventilate the affected area.
  5. Secure the essentials. Remove important documents and put them in safe storage. Place plywood over open windows and tarps over exposed roof to protect the building from weather and vandalism.
  6. Empty the cupboard. Toss any canned or packaged food or beverages that were stored close to the fire into the garbage, especially any containers that were open. The risk of contamination is too great.
  7. Dry out soiled items as quickly as possible. Water damage brings its own risks, including mold. Use a certified water damage restoration company to ensure faster drying, better results, and maximum safety.
  8. Clean up the mess. But don’t try to clean debris off walls. You might make it worse. Leave most of the work to certified professionals. They have the specialized equipment, experience and knowledge to restore your home quickly and safely without causing more damage to your property.

Steps to minimize water damage

Water damage takes many forms. But, any amount can be dangerous, so it must be addressed quickly and decisively. Water is causing more damage every moment you wait.
Follow these steps and minimize the damage:

  1. Contact a certified water damage restoration company immediately. DryTech representatives are available 24 hours per day. Call 651-429-8444. DryTech will even walk you through the complicated insurance claims process with your insurance agent.
  2. Shut off power to all flooded areas immediately, if possible. Safety should be your primary concern. Water near electrical outlets and appliances poses a serious risk of electrical shock.
  3. Work with the certified professional to help you shut off the water source.
  4. Protect furnishings; wipe away excess moisture and remove them from water areas, if possible.
  5. Lift drapes off the floor and remove rugs and other items from flooded area.
  6. Move valuables to a safe, dry place.
  7. Stay out of rooms where the ceiling is sagging.


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